Optometric Technician / Assistant

Optometric technicians perform a variety of tasks to assist the optometrist in eye examinations and corrective procedures. They record patient medical histories and help prepare the patient for the vision examination. They also assist with tests that help ensure the accurate diagnosis and treatment of a diseased eye. This may include patient pre-testing such as visual acuity, color vision, depth perception, pupil reflexes, visual field testing, pressure inside the eye, and blood pressure. They are usually in charge of making sure that the patient understands the proper care and use of glasses and contact lenses that the doctor has prescribed. Optometric technicians are sometimes called upon to assist with eye exercises and vision therapy. Other work activities include maintaining records and schedules, assisting the patient with frame selection, maintaining inventory of supplies, helping make and repair eyeglasses, and cleaning sophisticated ocular equipment. These eye health care technicians are usually supervised by an optometrist and face few hazards on the job. Individuals interested in becoming an optometric technician should have excellent communication skills, be able to handle hectic schedules, be highly organized and self-motivated, and be able to rely on their own judgment.

The technician will work closely with the doctor to ensure the patient obtains best visual clarity and means of visual correction. This is done through testing methods utilizing state of the art equipment. Much of this testing you will be responsible for performing. In addition, a primary responsibility will be selling annual contact lens supplies and billing vision plans when applicable. Position requires a high level of comfort in sales and product education. A technician must be comfortable working with diverse personalities and be equipped to handle stressful patient encounters. He/she ensures the tempo of the day is maintained and patient experiences are not compromised due to waiting times.

Additional Standard Roles:

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