Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Membership Sign-up

  • How do I sign up?

    As a Vision Source member you have immediate access to TalentCare services. To select which service is best for your office, see “Service Offerings” from the menu to view the different service offerings available.

  • Membership Services

  • How does this service work?

    TalentCare actively recruits and pre-screens candidates for your open requisitions. We also utilize prescreening and skills assessments to ensure candidates are a great match for your open roles. The TalentCare Team communicates with candidates via email and text message to make sure that they complete their entire application before presentation. Candidates are informed of the office to which they are presented in order to prepare them for the hiring manager to reach out. Once a candidate has been presented to you, it is best practice to reach out to the candidate within 48 hours.

  • How do I open job requisitions?

    When you have an opening for one of the standard roles, select “New Requisition” from the website and complete the required fields (contact information, position, number of openings, salary, etc.). Click “Submit” to activate sourcing for this role. For Single Job Posting & Bronze level subscriptions, candidates who apply will be directly sent to your email for review. Candidates will be sent to you for consideration after successful completion of the screenings and assessments for that role. Candidates should be accepted or rejected within 48 hours of receipt so that they may be considered for other suitable openings if they are not a good fit for your office.

  • How do I close job requisitions?

    Your weekly email reminders will allow you to close your requisition with the click of a button.

  • What are best practices for contacting candidates for an interview?

    It is highly recommended that candidates are contacted with in 24 hours of being presented by TalentCare.  Candidate reach outs should include a phone call, email, and text at every attempt.  This will increase rate of response and shorten response time. The candidates contact information will be on their resume in the presentation email. 

  • How can I make sure I’m getting the best candidates for my opening?

    Reviewing applications and returning feedback to TalentCare via the presentation email buttons will ensure that you continue to receive candidates that fit your requirements. Once you accept a candidate for interview, communicating with them in a timely fashion will help you get the best response.

  • Will TalentCare screen a candidate I've found on my own?

    If you have purchased a Single Active Search or the Gold Unlimited Active Search Subscription, TalentCare will screen any candidates you have sourced. Simply go to the Vision Source Careers page and search for your practice name. From the search results, find the appropriate job and share that link with your candidate. Once they apply online, they will go through the same screening process as all your other candidates.

  • How do I send feedback about my active candidates?

    Twice per week, you (or your designated hiring manager) will receive an email with the list of currently active candidates, and you may provide feedback for each. Feedback is very important to the process to ensure you continue to receive new candidates that match your requirements.

  • Optometrist

  • How do Optometrist Searches Work?

    Optometrist searches are considered full service searches. Rather than simply posting the job, one of our many qualified sourcers will find the right candidate for your office. This service includes everything from individual posting to cold calling and preliminary phone interviews and guarantees that you are able to individualize your search to only receive the best of the best for your office.

    Optometrist searches are billed by opening and are based on hiring and retention success. 20% is due at the time of requisition (Engagement fee), 40% is due at the time of hire (Placement Fee), and the remaining 40% is due after your hired candidate has remained in your employment for 90 days (Retention fee).

    In addition TalentCare offers a guarantee unlike anything in the industry. If the candidate provided by TalentCare terminates employment for any reason within 180 days after the candidate’s start date, TalentCare will provide search services for a replacement candidate having the same title and specialty for at no additional cost to you. If a replacement cannot be found within 90 days, you can choose to have TalentCare cease search activities and receive a refund of the Placement Fee and, if applicable, Retention Fee to you. This guarantee is contingent on the Engagement Fee, Placement Fee and, if applicable, Retention Fee being paid in full. This guarantee is a one-time offer only and replacement candidates are not subject to this guarantee.

    For more questions regarding Optometrist search services, email us at and a team member will get back to you shortly.

Please contact if you have any additional questions.