Optometric Technician JobSpringfield, IL

Why You’ll Love This Job

The role of the Technician is to provide technical support to the Optometrist(s).  This includes patient work-up, pretesting, tonometry, and performing the appropriate professional services to patients.  As the functional liaison between patient and doctor, the Technician is responsible for communicating all patient questions and concerns to the optometrist.  Accurate procurement of patient history and follow-up is required.

Because our practice strives to deliver the best eye health care possible, a deep working knowledge of all pretesting equipment is required.  The ability to effectively communicate to patients and the optometrist(s) is of utmost importance.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates expert ability in communicating with patients the purpose of each test and its importance to their eye health
  • Ensure proper charting and documentation; correctly document all information gathered from patient and pre-tests.      
  • Prepare patient for tests as needed, and make sure that doctor has all necessary pre-testing done and equipment as needed.
  • Operation and maintenance of all pretesting equipment including but not limited to:
    • Optomap
    • Lensometer
    • Auto-refractor / keratometer
    • Non-contact tonometer
    • Retinal camera
    • Auto-field perimeter
    • Keystone visual skills
    • Visual acuity test
    • Blood pressure cuff
    • Pupilometer
  • Responsible for making sure clinical exam rooms have adequate and appropriate supplies, and ensuring that clinical equipment is in good working order.
  • Clean and restock pre-test and exam rooms between patients; clean the equipment in front of the patients to ensure cleanliness for each patient.
  • Check calibration of equipment and make adjustments or contact the lead technician, as necessary
  • Tracks and orders supply inventory (alcohol pads, FI strips, etc.) as appropriate
  • Tracks and reports to leadership/management the capture rate of all specialized testing
  • Create a warm and personalized experience for each and every patient. 
  • Acquaint all new patients with the office procedures to which they will be exposed.Inform patients of the purpose of all tests personally performed and how they will be affected during the tests.
  • Obtain patient history to include chief complaint, history of present illness, past history (ocular and general), family history (ocular and general), and history of allergies and medications.
  • Perform blood pressure and ocular pressure testing
  • Fill-out appropriate forms and distribute appropriate literature.
  • Communicate with other staff members in a clear and concise manner.
  • Communicate with other ophthalmic assistants to facilitate proper patient flow.
  • Perform other duties as required

Skills & Qualifications


Communication Skills
The Technician must be able to effectively communicate with our patients around all our pre and special testing.Communicating in a manner by which the patient understands technical terminology in their layman language is essential.

Technical Abilities
The Technician must be able to accurately measure and record all patient information.  Attention to detail relative to all testing and results is imperative.

Pace of the Environment
Must be able to work at a fast pace.Effectively handling multiple tasks and patients at one time, while focusing on the individual patient experience.

Consistency of Work
The Technician position requires consistent repetition of several technical tasks.  A displayed comfort level and accuracy of accomplishing tasks and testing of this nature is required.

Team Player
As the patient liaison to the Optometrist, the Technician must exhibit the ability to work well within the team environment, supporting all aspects of the practice and delivering on the patient experience.


Under supervision of the Lead Optometric Technician and Office Manager.Must be able to complete duties without close supervision.


Will be exposed to confidential information disclosure of which would be contrary to the best interest of the organization and professional ethics.

Type: Full Time (Hourly)

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