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Why You’ll Love This Job

The key primary responsibility of the Optician is to provide eyewear to the patients of our practice.Design, measure, fit, and adapt lenses and frames for client according to written optical prescription or specification. Assist client with selecting frames. Measure customer for size of eyeglasses and coordinate frames with facial and eye measurements and optical prescription. Prepare work order for optical laboratory containing instructions for grinding and mounting lenses in frames. Verify exactness of finished lens spectacles. Adjust frame and lens position to fit client. May shape or reshape frames.

 Delivering an exceptional purchasing experience for the patient is paramount.  Therefore, the Optician is responsible for all frame merchandising and display.Developing and managing relationships with our frame and product vendors and appropriately displaying eyewear provides the environment for the eyewear boutique to thrive.

Actively managing and tracking our frame inventory according to our practices inventory procedures is required.

We recognize the doctor to optician handoff is imperative to successful eyewear sales.  Therefore, the optician will work directly with the doctor(s) to ensure the handoff process is executed to the standards of the practice.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist patients with frame selection with an eye towards multiple pair sales
  • Measure and complete full ordering process for patients
  • Merchandising and display of all frames in the eyewear boutique
  • Meeting with and developing relationships with all frame and product vendors
  • Place all eyewear orders and work with the lab for appropriate delivery
  • Communicate to patients delivery expectations according to the practices dispensing policies
  • Manage all pricing of frames and price points systems
  • Manage all warranty replacements for patients and product returns to vendors
  • Accurately input correct financial information and plan payments to ensure the company does not adjust financial loss
  • Attend and assist with quarterly inventory audits
  • Ensure appearance of Optical Department is kept clean, appealing, current and changes frequently
  • Complete daily & weekly optical task list
  • Monitor turnaround time and ensure department communicates with patients re: delays and notes patients file
  • Submit patient’s insurance information completely and accurately
  • Maintain proper records of work orders, insurance information and payments.
  • Ensure patient care is the top priority in the department. Every patient should  feel welcome, appreciated, and important
  • Lead by example to excel in customer service
  • Measure patients’ bridge and eye size, temple length, vertex distance, pupillary distance, and optical centers of eyes, using measuring devices
  • Verify that finished lenses are ground to specifications. Double check prescription on a lensometer
  • Prepare work orders and instructions for grinding lenses and fabricating eyeglasses
  • Assist patients in selecting frames according to style and color, and ensure that frames are coordinated with facial and eye measurements and optical prescriptions
  • Prescribe, measure, and fit lenses for patient according to a written optical prescription or specification
  • Recommend specific lenses, lens coatings, and frames to suit patient needs.
  • Sell goods such as spectacles, sunglasses, and other goods related to optical in general.
  • Heat, shape, or bend plastic or metal frames to adjust eyeglasses to fit clients, using various optical tools and hands. Verify patient satisfaction with the fitting
  • Evaluate prescriptions in conjunction with patient’s lifestyle visual requirements
  • Distribute and dispense optical orders once product is finalized and give proper instructions for the care of the products
  • Build relationships with patients by “connecting” and at times sending cards and thank you notes
  • Attend all necessary meetings including: All- Staff and Department
  • Perform other duties as required

Skills & Qualifications


Sales Skills
The Optician is expected to possess a high degree of influential sales skills.  The ability to effectively communicate the benefits of all optical products is required.

Customer Orientation
Providing our patients an exceptional experience is a cornerstone of our brand.  The Optician’s role in delivering on our brand is integral.

Communication Skills
The Optician must be able to effectively communicate with our patients around all our optical products including frames, lenses, etc.  Communicating in a manner by which the patient understands technical terminology in their layman language is essential.

Technical Abilities
The Optician must be able to accurately measure and record all patient information.  Attention to detail relative to prescriptions, PDs, and checking the accuracy of eyewear received from the lab, etc. is imperative.

Pace of the Environment
Must be able to work at a fast pace.Effectively handling multiple tasks and patients at one time, while focusing on the individual patient experience.

Frequent Interaction with Others
Must demonstrate the ability to manage multiple tasks at one time, always maintaining friendly interactions with team members, patients and guests of the practice.


Under supervision of the Optical Manager.  Must be able to complete duties without close supervision.


Will be exposed to confidential information disclosure of which would be contrary to the best interest of the organization and professional ethics.

Type: Full Time (Hourly)

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