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Remove Hiring Doubt And Win The Competition For Top Talent

Last week I had a client tell me that prior to TalentCare, she would receive so many resumes she did not have enough time or energy to sort through them all.  None of them looked the same or even had the same types of information.  A different client told me that after a month of advertising his position, he only received two resumes.  Neither of them had the background he preferred, and he was unsure how to get more people interested in his job opening.  Both of these clients are struggling with successfully filling their open positions for different reasons.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Do you lack a skilled applicant pool?
  • Do you need more candidates or practice in a rural market?
  • Do resumes flood your inbox, leaving you overloaded with candidate screening?
  • Do you find yourself asking different interview questions of each candidate?
  • Do you rely on your “gut” or intuition to tell you if you should hire a candidate?
  • Do you find yourself starting over with recruiting because you are unsure of your candidate finalists?
  • Do you ever wish you had hired a candidate you rejected too early in the process?
  • Have you lost additional staff because they are overworked due to not having enough help?

No matter your hiring challenge, there is a solution!

What if you could have confidence you were making the right hire?

Imagine if you could leverage decades of knowledge from other Optometrists about their best performers. What if you could also compare each of your own candidates objectively to the qualities and attributes required to perform well in a role?

For Opticians, you now have the strategic advantage of the Vision Source Preferred Profile. Based on top-performers nationwide in the Optical Dream Network or nominated by your fellow ODs, this profile is a predictive analytics assessment that uses data to statistically score candidates for your role. And soon, additional Preferred Profiles will be available for both Associate ODs and Optometric Technicians! (Want to nominate a top performer in one of these roles? Click here.)

What is the process my candidates will complete?

After a candidate has submitted interest in the role, he or she is asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire and the Preferred Profile predictive analytics assessment. There are 3 sections of the assessment, which will take candidates around 30 minutes in total.

The first section measures how they use logic, math, and verbal reasoning. In certain positions, advanced skills in these areas are unnecessary, and that is the beauty of the assessment. It is not used to gauge if the candidate is good at each of these skills. Instead, it measures to see if they perform in the same range as top performers.

The largest part of the Preferred Profile measures work style preferences. Do they prefer to be a leader or an individual contributor? Do they prefer work that is more routine, or to adapt frequently? These types of questions help you understand how the candidate fits in the job itself.

The last section measures cultural preferences. Do they prefer a more or less formal power structure? Do they prefer group rewards or individual accolades? This helps you understand how they will fit within your team and organization overall.

How do I make better hires with the Preferred Profile?

While the predictive analytics of the Preferred Profile are a powerful tool, they should not be your only method for evaluating candidates. Best practice suggests the Preferred Profile be used in conjunction with a pre-screening and skills questionnaire and a resume quality review, in addition to the interview. You may opt for TalentCare to use the Preferred Profile as a screening tool before candidates are presented to you, or use it yourself during the interview process. This is largely dependent upon the available talent market and your own desire or ability to allocate screening time. Regardless of who uses the predictive analytics during the process, benefits to you include:

  • Better matched candidates
  • Less wasted time in the process
  • Easier identification of areas that need further clarification with interview questions
  • A deeper understanding of the similarities and disparities the candidate has as compared to top performers

Are you ready to remove hiring doubt and find the best fit Opticians for your practice?

For more information about the Preferred Profile, prescreening and recruiting options for Vision Source members, or to begin your candidate search, click here.