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Optician / Optical Sales Job – Seattle, WA

Why You’ll Love This Job

Here is the deal: We exist to Enrich Peoples lives so they can succeed to their greatest potential. The way that we do it is by helping people with eyeball-related problems.
We are looking for someone awesome to join our team. We have 4 really cool eye doctors in our practice and they all really love to help people (do you like to help people? – If so, then you will fit in perfectly). Our team is made up of some really rad people who love to help people. Thus, we would love to have someone join our team who, you guessed it, really loves people.
We are looking for someone who thinks that they would enjoy helping patients get ready to see the doctor, understand what our instruments are doing (we have lots of fancy technical instruments), and hang out with the doctor and patient in the exam room. (don’t worry, we can help teach you about the technical stuff… unless you already know which that would be even cooler).
We have three locations and would love for you to be flexible, although you will primarily be at a designated practice.  From time to time our other offices need help and since we love to help people (ie. our team), well, we would want you to as well.
All the standard stuff: Gotta Love People, Gotta be amazing with customer service and need to have a reasonable head on your shoulders, (this job has some math to it) and please know how to run a computer (you wouldn’t believe how many people do not know how to run a computer).
Our team also helps patients with anything that they need after they leave. If they have questions about something that was said in the exam room or office, or a question about their medication, medical condition, or are having problems with their contact lenses or pharmacy prescriptions, it will filter through our assistant (you) team first. We are a sharing team so if you do not know the answer we can always help you find it for the patient (but we expect you to be a problem solver, rather than just a problem identifier. If you ALWAYS expect other people to find answers for you, this isn’t the job for you).


Optician job responsibilities include: 

  • Assist patients in making frame selections
  • Coordinate order pickups and deliveries
  • Work with patients to customize their eyewear
  • Make small adjustments to frames and lenses

Skills & Qualifications

Optician required skills & qualifications include:

  • Prior customer service or sales experience
  • Fashion savvy and enjoy helping people in a customer setting
  • Comfortable with sales and making transactions
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Familiar with MS Office Suite programs
  • Experience in the Optical field a plus

Type: Full Time (Hourly)