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Optician Job – Greensboro, NC

Why You’ll Love This Job

At VSECOT we are looking for the right person to join our team and help us deliver great care for our patients. Come to a place where you can learn and advance both professionally and personally. We strive to practice under our core beliefs of:
Differentiate or risk irrelevance: Continually looking for ways to set ourselves apart and above. Bring more to our patients and team members.

Do the right thing : Character, Honesty, Ethics

Help first: Willingness to assist our patients and each other. Team Work. No selfishness

Attention to excellence: Details matter, The Experience matters, Processes matter

If this resonates with you we would love to talk with you about joining our team and helping you reach your goals.


  • Provides patient education regarding lens materials, products and designs 
  • Performs prescription analysis such as interpreting and transposing.
  • Provides recommendations to patients regarding proper eyeglass frame selection.
  • Designs complete eyewear product by incorporating frame design elements, lens materials and optics with patient’s prescription and lifestyle requirements.
  • Performs eyeglass frame adjustments and repairs. Includes proper alignment of frame, comfortable fit, functional vision and instructions on proper wear and care of eyeglasses.
  • Performs accurate measurements of lens power, pupillary distance, multifocal segment height, lens base curve, vertex distance, and prism power.
  • Orders custom lens products from wholesale optical laboratories, monitors process, post charges and bill insurance when needed.
  • Verifies lens prescriptions of ordered lenses and check for accuracy.
  • Assists in wholesale purchasing of frames and other products for resale to patients.
  • Assists in the return of authorized merchandise to manufacturers and prepare credit forms.
  • Designs, arrange and maintain product displays.
  • Organizes and maintain frame display area throughout the workday.
  • Monitors product inventory levels.
  • Maintains inventory of office supplies and other materials necessary to properly run the department.

Type: Full Time (Hourly)