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Associate Optometrist Job – Voorhees Township, NJ

Why You’ll Love This Job

We are looking to add an associate for two days a week starting immediately. Our goal is to transition to a group or transferred ownership over the next 5-10 years. We are a full service family practice in a medical condo that sees patients in all stages of life. There will usually be a scribe/tech to assist with patient and to enter data into Revolutionehr. Pretest includes iScription autorefraction and topography and Daytona Optomap Ultra widefield retinal imaging. Special testing and procedures include OCT, visual fields, dark adaptometry, Diopsys VEP/ERG. Our optical is one of the best in the region and includes a special pediatric section that gets referrals. 

Salary is competitive. 

Type: Part Time (Salaried)

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