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Associate Optometrist Job – Murphy, TX

Why You’ll Love This Job

Eye Surgery of Texas Needs an Optometrist!

 North Dallas suburb of Plano, TX
 Work is 2-5 days a week, negotiable.
 Hours usually 9am-4:30pm.
 Pay is $500/day.
 You will see up to 4 patients per hour, mostly for disease and surgery.
 You will do pre and post-ops on cataract and pterygium surgery.
 I will train the right candidate.
 Amazing support staff, so you get a dedicated tech who works everything up and an office manager who schedules and bills.
 Opportunity for fill-in work at our LASIK office where you manage same-day post-ops and do flap repositioning, foreign body removal, etc.

You will burp 60 IOP eyes. You will cut out conjunctival and cornea sutures every week. You will manage nerve palsies. You will do B scans when you can’t see retina. I will teach you put your own ICD10 and CPT codes with modifiers. About 10% of patients need refraction. No contacts other than empirical (RGP and soft), and bandage. No optical, no glasses. All medical and surgery. There are 4 exam lanes. Two have plus cylinder phoropters, and two have minus cylinder phoropters. All lanes are for you. We have OCT, A scan, B scan, Visual Field, Specular Microscopy, Fundus Photos, Slit Lamp Camera, everything. YAG Laser is on-site. Paper charts, so everything you need is simple and on one page. 70% of patients are over 65 years old. 10% of patients prefer Spanish (we have a translator).

I’ve been doing this for 3 years and love it. It’s time to bring a second doctor on board.

Type: Full Time (Salaried)

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